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Do you need a new website or looking to upgrade your old one? We'll build you a website that works, looks good, and increases sales.

Have you ever Googled your own business and realized that you can't even find you? Let us help you take your rightful place: the top of the first page!

Are you a new business owner in need of some support? Well, you're in the right place! Our team is dedicated to helping start-ups launch a successful business. Talk to us and let us help you.

Do you need a new logo? Or maybe you cannot find that hi-res version of your awesome logo and now you're stuck with a pixelated version? Let us design your catchy new logo or remaster your current one.

Are you tired of looking at your old, outdated marketing collaterals? Do you feel like your business card isn't representing you very well? Let us make you proud of your memorable and powerful brand.

It's almost never wrong to set up shop online, but just how much focus should you put in it? Talk to us and we'll help you figure out how to move forward. We'll even develop your entire e-business platform and integrate it with other sales channels.

Is it about time you have new, hi-res product images? Our team can professionally shoot and edit your product pictures in our studio or right in your office.

It's time to make your wish come true: promotional videos, product feature videos, recruitment videos, awareness videos — our team will work with you to write, film, and produce that video you always wanted.

Amadeo Consulting is all about strategy. Let's talk about your strategic business development or corporate online strategy. We also love problem solving and creative critical thinking.

When it comes to augmenting your business to the next success level, we're confident in what we're good at. If you can't find what you need listed above, browse this site for a bit to see if you can find what you're looking for or simply get in touch with us.

What We Do

Our complete list of services

Online Presence

Website Development | Website Makeover | Search Engine Strategy

Building a website is more than just making it look good. It is about finding the harmony between aesthetics, utility, and strategy. A pretty website that doesn’t work on multiple browsers and devices has very little value, and an ugly-looking website that functions perfectly does not appeal to prospects/clients. Even a perfectly functional and beautiful website, without the right strategy, will not get you the results you need — be it sales, donations, interactions, or simply awareness (views).

We at Amadeo Consulting do more than build you a website. We know what it takes to ensure your successful online presence. Click the button below to learn more about our process in providing you a search-engine-optimized, mobile-optimized, and responsive website: a website that works, looks good, engaging, profitable, measurable by KPIs of your choice, and ranks high on all major search engines.

Startup Support

Start-up Consultation | Complete Solutions Package | Flexible Payments

Being an entrepreneur is exciting and challenging: there are so many things to do with so little time! The process can be daunting, but the results are very fulfilling. Let us take care of some of your checklists for you.

One of our core missions is to be a reliable launch-pad pedestal for startups. Driven by the vision of our founder, Amadeo Consulting offers complete solutions to help your new business successfully launch into the marketplace. We also offer flexible payment plans, always at 0% interest, for startups to utilize our comprehensive professional skillsets.

If you’re a startup owner, working for a startup, or thinking about launching a new business, contact us today, and let’s chat about how we can be at your service.

Branding & Marketing

Logo Design | Logo Remastering | Digital & Print Collaterals | Stage & Event

It’s a long journey to reach top-of-mind awareness, but you can never stop improving your brand and strategically invest in marketing every step of the way. The best place to start is the very thing that symbolizes your identity: your logo. Are you satisfied with your representation? If you can’t give a confident “yes”, contact us and we’ll make you love your new logo.

Following the same drive to make sure that your brand is uniquely you, we also design, create, and, by request, even print business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, banners, exhibition artwork, and more.

To top it off, we offer extraordinary stage and one-of-a-kind event designing and organizing, all executed with the level of creativity, professionalism, and efficiency that is beyond expectations. Inquire today to learn more about our specialized and diverse branding & marketing services.

e-Business Platform

e-Commerce Development | e-Commerce Management | Sales Platform Integration

Launching an online store can be a very profitable prospect, but probably a complicated one as well. You'll have to consider reliability, stability, security, systems integration (e.g. Your accounting, CRM, and newsletter system), platform integration (e.g. social media and brick-and-mortar), shipping management, payment processing, and so much more. Let us simplify the process for you.

Amadeo Consulting offers complete e-Business platform solution: from developing your very own captivating and user-friendly e-commerce website, managing and listing inventories, to integrating systems and platforms. Click the button below to learn more about how we can help you launch your online business and bring the whole world to your storefront.

Photography & Videography

Product & Services Photoshoot | Corporate Videos | Promotional Videos | Recruitment Videos | Awareness Videos | Photo & Clip Editing | Original Audio Track Composition

You have products and/or services that you're very proud of, and you know what you offer will make a difference for your customers. Maybe it's time your pictures do your business justice. Perhaps, it's also time to film your very own corporate video.

Whatever the purpose of your video — promotional, recruitment, awareness — we'll film and produce a video that adds value to your business. If you'd like to take it up a notch, we have music composers who can write original audio track for your videos. Click the button below to learn more about our process and how we can help you speak more with less words.

App Development

Browser-based App Development | Mobile App Design & Programming | Cross-platform Integration & Distribution | App Marketing & Monetization

Do you have an app for you? Our team of experienced app developers can design and program the app that you always wanted for your business. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to develop cross-platform browser- and mobile-based app (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS). Whether you're planning to make one to augment your service, sell for profit, or for the foundation of your entire business model, we'll be there every step of the way.

Not every business needs an app, but if you know (or think) that you do, click on the button below to see if this is the right path for your business or contact us today.

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Business Development | Corporate Online Strategy | Problem Solving Mastery | Business Proposals

Change is the only constant. To adapt and thrive, companies and organizations must be willing and ready to embrace strategic changes. Let us help you usher progress through our complete strategic solutions services: from composing business proposals to strategic business development. We also offer services that advise, set, and execute your corporate online strategy. Inquire today to learn more about how we can take you to the next success level.

Other Services

Training & Workshops | Social Media Strategy | Mailing Campaign | Corporate Jingles | Think Tank | Business Consultation

Whatever we offer to provide, we also offer to impart. Inquire today for training & workshops in areas of your interest for groups and individuals.

If you would like to know more specifically about how to utilize social media, we're here to help. If you need help to execute what you've learned, we also partner with other capable consulting companies that can manage your entire social media strategy and mailing campaign. We're also here for general business consultation or if you need a group of creative and strategic thinkers.

If you're reading this section and still can't find what you're looking for, give us a chance to see if we can still help you. Contact us today and we'll get back to you shortly!

Who We Are

Get to know us and the drive behind our business

Our Company

Amadeo Consulting is a Singapore-based private limited company that specializes in augmenting businesses around the world to the next success level. We achieve that by developing successful representation platform on the world-wide-web and e-communication arena. We also identify, build, and set-up all other pillars and tools both online and offline, ensuring next-level success.

Our team & partners are blessed with the unique combination of extensive business understanding and intuition; desire and drive to support businesses reach their maximum potential; distinctive passion in art and design; unhindered creativity; proficient skills in web design and development; and expertise in online marketing and communication strategies. What sets us apart from the rest is that we understand business strategy on top of creating captivating design with quality content. We don’t only focus on aesthetics: we value metrics, strategy, and usability.

Whether you are a startup or a seasoned corporation, we bring you a fresh set of heart & mind and distinct intellectual-analytical-creative combo to your business venture. The heart behind Amadeo Consulting is for your business to reach its full potential, be uniquely represented, and achieve the next success level.

Our Creed

The principles by which we exist and operate

The success of my clients is the heart of my actions and decisions. I will exceed expectations. I am excellent in all that I do. I will not compromise. I will stay curious; I will never stop learning and growing. I will always look for better steps towards better results. I will cultivate and utilize my gifts and talents; I am not defined by my limitations. I am unique and I am creative. I value aesthetics; my results are neither dull nor cluttered. I will serve and edify my clients and co-workers. I am a master of communication: I am thorough and precise, both in writing and in person. I value integrity, transparency, and accountability. I am the same person in public and when no one’s looking. Failure is not making a mistake; it is not learning from it and not standing back up. I will praise in public, and correct in private. I am a giver, and, therefore, a receiver, of encouragement and empowerment.

Our Founder

Get to know Amadeo Consulting's founder & CEO, in third person!

Amadeo Octobie (Tobie) resides in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. He received an Associates Degree in Financial Business Informatics from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, before moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, he graduated Summa Cum Laude and earned his B.S. in Finance from Oral Roberts University. He was then given full scholarship to complete his M.B.A. at ORU.

Tobie’s formal education path may have led him down the road side by side with passionate entrepreneurs, bright CPAs, vivacious marketers, and sharp financial gurus; but he walked daily led by his artistic view of the world – Tobie had always been passionate with art and anything that involves creativity. Throughout the years, he cultivated his passion and applied it in many forms – from drawing sketches; designing event posters; preparing captivating slideshows for his professors (yes, lecture slides can actually be interesting!); writing, filming, and editing videos; to developing and managing websites.

After working as the Director of Productions for a start-up consulting firm in the US for almost two years, Tobie founded Amadeo Consulting. Utilizing his understanding of business strategy, passion for art, and hunger for knowledge, Tobie and his team at Amadeo Consulting is helping businesses in USA, Singapore, and Indonesia reach next level success through creative strategy and effective design.

For leisure, Tobie enjoys watching movies and tv shows, relaxing on the beach (what else do you do when you’re in Bali?), reading, writing, drawing, and learning new skills both for work and pleasure.

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