Search Engine Strategy

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Strategy (SES)?

In essence, Search Engine Strategy is the act of utilizing both organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase your website's page ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Both SEO and SEM take considerable time and strategy to implement, manage, and track. The main difference between the two is that SEO's results just takes time once setup is done, while SEM's returns depends on the dollar amount invested plus the management efficiency. Below you'll find more information about SEO and SEM with as little technical jargons as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get discovered on search engines

Cashback site Qmee created an infographic in 2013 revealing that there are 571 websites created each minute. That's a more than 800,000 new websites each day. Can you really blame the hardworking search engines for implementing a system to determine which website is reliable and which contains nothing but spammy ads? In order to prove to search engines that your website is indeed the one that will bring value to your visitors, your website needs to be search engine optimized.

These are some of the ways you can optimize your website:
  • Add code lines in your webpages containing the keywords most crucial to your business.
  • Verify and manually submit your website data to search engines. The process is slightly different for each search engine.
  • Write quality, original content. Generally, the more the better, but copy pasting content will only hurt you — the search engine knows!
  • Blog frequently, at least once a week.
  • Add descriptive titles to all images used in your website.

There's a small catch with SEO: it takes time to take effect. On average, it takes 6-8 months before any noticeable difference in page rankings, especially for new websites or websites that has never been search-engine-optimized before. Depending on your industry, keyword competition, and website content, you may not even see yourself in the first page for the first year. On the other hand, you may be at the top of the page within 4 months. With that said, we are confident that with our SEO services it's not a question of "if" but "when". Our clients see results at different speeds, but they all eventually do.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Ensure returns on your search engine ad dollars

Have you ever noticed that some ads literally follow you around? Just the other day you went online shopping to check out that pair of shoes that caught your eyes. You even placed it in your cart, until your better judgement decided that your other shoes don't need another roommate after all. The very next day, while reading your favorite blog, you noticed an ad banner with the very shoe brand that you were wanting to get!

Good news for you, you can target your ads to your desired audience just as accurately with SEM. Targeting by demographic and geography are the two most basic ways to segment your audience. Couple it with individual keyword budget allocation, you have full control over when you would like for who to see what.

Case example and application:

You're a small business owner selling craft gelato in Manhattan, New York. Your best sellers are the PB&J Gelato and Bubblegum Gelato — the kids love them, but some of the older folks think that they're too sweet. You have $50 set aside each month to invest in SEM. Your marketing strategy is to focus on your strengths instead of competing toe-to-toe with your competitors.

This is how we can set it: primary audience = parents with children, youths, school teachers, little league coaches; geographical location: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and maybe Jersey City; Monthly budget = instead of $50 each month, we'll set $70 per month during summer months, and the rest during the other months of the year (because some people love gelato year round); and out of that $70, we'll set $25 for "PB&J Gelato", $25 for "Bubblegum Gelato", $10 for "New York Craft Gelato", and $10 for other generic keywords just to give us a little push.

SES Setup & Management Pricing

  • SEO Setup
  • US$100
    per Website
  • First 10 webpages
  • +$10/additional webpages
  • SEM Setup
  • US$250
    per Website
  • Target audience setup
  • Unlimited keywords
  • SEM Management
  • US$100+*
    per Month
  • Excluding setup fees & monthly ad budget
  • *Minimum quote. Final quote depends on keywords amount and campaign complexity