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What sets us apart?

Why our team of designers, developers, and strategic thinkers are better


Our designers focus on captivating your visitors with beautifully designed, image-rich website. We prefer clean designs and easy-to-read fonts as opposed to overly-packed and distracting layouts — we want your customers to enjoy their web-browsing experience, prolonging their visit and increasing you website's referability.


An image-rich website loaded with video backgrounds can suck your customers' data plan dry. That's why our developers optimize every element in your website for maximum efficiency without compromising quality. Our coding gurus also ensure that your website is accessible, bug-free, from any devices & browsers.


A beautiful, working website that does not generate enough (or any) turnover is a poor investment. Our business-savvy, strategic thinkers are in-charge of effective call-to-actions, strategic web element layout, ensuring ease-of-use, and tracking & monitoring KPIs, making sure that your website gets the returns you need.


www. ReliantLive .com

  • Reliant - Talent Management Solutions, was one of our first Website Makeover clients. For the homepage video background, we filmed the Reliant team in action in about an hour. Their written content was migrated over from their old website, and we augmented it with premium stock images, animations, and responsive icons. Reliant's Founder & CEO, Chris Wright, was very happy with our work that he continuously referred us to other business owners and even family members. — Basic Pack | Self-Hosted

Horas Tours

www. HorasTours .com

  • Horas Tours was our very first client in Indonesia who sought our Website Development services. All they had was brochures and other marketing collaterals. They used to market themselves only through referrals and events. Amadeo Consulting developed their website content and created custom PDFs for their domestic and international tour packages, and we also managed their SEO. Its first year, the website generated approximately 700 pageviews each month. — Basic Pack | Managed SEO

Triumphant Ministries International

www. TriumphantMinistries .com

  • Triumphant Ministries International had just upgraded their website when their founder, Rick Johnson, connected with us. During that time, we do not have the portfolio we do today. So, in one day, we developed a sample website that was impressive enough to convince Rick that he needed another Website Makeover. The homepage video was created by editing a longer promotional video that Rick already has, and the content of the site were mainly from the old website. This website is probably the only one we've developed that uses 100% client-provided photos, no stock images! We also designed TMI's new logo and redid all of its marketing collaterals. — Basic Pack | Managed Hosting

Global Marine Safety

www. GMS

  • Global Marine Safety (GMS) was our very first Singapore-based client. Our team met with their board of directors in Singapore, and we were hired for our Website Makeover services, corporate video production, grant proposal design and writing, and other marketing collateral designs. The homepage video and promotional video were shot and produced by our team during a 4-day visit to their Singapore headquarters. We also managed their premium Search Engine Strategy. Using the same website style, we were also hired for our Website Development services for one of GMS's subsidiary, Global Fire Solution (GFS). — Deluxe Pack | Managed SEM

Keith Duell

www. KeithDuell .com

  • In college, Keith Duell lived across the dorm hall from Tobie, Amadeo Consulting's Founder & CEO. He was a talented composer proficient in every musical instrument there is, and Tobie was a Finance undergrad doing creative work for some extra cash (mainly so he can afford something other than cup noodles). They collaborated on several projects where Tobie filmed & produced a promotional video and Keith would write an original piece for it. One day, Keith came to Tobie for a Website Development project, and Tobie completed his logo and website in two days. — Mini Pack | Self-Hosted

Service Features

Responsive Website

A responsive website is the opposite of a rigid, hard-coded, “old school” website. It is fluid, automatically adjusting its layout with changing screen sizes while making sure all the web elements are still beautifully presented. We purchase website themes from developers who put in thousands on man-hours into their work, and we use the theme for the backbone of your website. Our team will then utilize our creativity and coding skills to personalize your website and make it unique.

Stock Images

A picture-rich website is attractive, but you may not always have the resources to take your own pictures. Using images randomly found on the internet can be risky: an image license breach may cost you tens of thousands in legal fees. Free creative-common images can be a good solution, but usually they are rather limited. Stock images are great, but they go for $10 or more per picture if you purchase them individually. Well, let us handle that for you: with our own Shutterstock subscription, we have access to licensed stock images to beautify your website and make it appealing to your visitors.

Image Editing

You took great product pictures, but you need to get rid of the distracting, busy backgrounds. You finally got your team to take their profile pictures, but the lighting could've been better. You took a scenic image perfect for your blog post, but someone photobombed it. Fret not, we have a team of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom experts to solve all of your image woes.

Homepage Video Background

A homepage video background captures your audiences' attention and provides lasting first impression. It serves as a simple yet effective overview about your business or organization. To avoid performance issues, it is typically only 30-40 seconds long, set to loop, no audio, and it is disabled on mobile (replaced with a simple image background). Our clients have the option to provide us with the clips and have us put the video together, or we can both film and edit the video for you (may incur travel costs).

Mobile Optimization

More people browse the internet through their phones rather than their computers. We make sure that your website not only looks good and works on computer screens, but also on tablet and mobile phones. A responsive website assumes that it is mobile-optimized, but we place such importance in this process that we think it warrants to be a separate item: we diligently check for every font size and every spacing in your website to make sure it functions and views well on all types of mobile devices. Rest assured, no matter what device your visitors are using, they will experience your website with ease and satisfaction.

SEO Setup

For most of our website projects, we include SEO setup for no additional charge, which will make it tremendously easier for your website to be found on search engines. But setting up without follow up doesn't maximize your results. Especially for new websites, manual file submissions to search engines must be done periodically and frequently to expedite and solidify the process. Click here to learn more about our SEO services.

Unlimited Webpages

With the exception of the Mini Pack, we do not employ a rigid webpage pricing system. Most web developers price projects specifically based on number of webpages (e.g. $100/webpage). For us, a 40-page website may be priced just as much as a 5-page website. The scenario is this: the 5-page website employs very unique layout for every page, and each page contains considerable amount of written content and images. On the other hand, the 40-page website consists of five short, standard pages (e.g. home, about, products, contact, blog), and 35 product pages with the same layout, just different product pictures and description. We generate our quote based on the overall amount of content and layout development as opposed to strictly the number of webpages, giving you the freedom to choose the kind of website you want without having to worry about raking up serious charges for wanting more webpages.

Project Packages

Monthly Plans

For Website Development & Makeover Packages

Web Development Phases


Project Initiation & Launch

First, you need to get your FREE project quote. After clicking the link, you will be presented with two options: initiate a Website Development project or a Website Makeover project. You will then be redirected to a questionnaire page. Completing the questionnaire allows us to do our homework and provide you with an accurate project quote at no cost.
Here's the typical process:
  • Questionnaire completion and submission
  • Project quote review and agreement
  • Project contract review and signing (digital)
  • Invoice for 50% downpayment
  • Downpayment receipt officially launches the project

Pre-Development Phase

During pre-development, our team and your appointed project manager(s) will be working together to gather or produce all the necessary materials for your new website (page structures, written content, images, video clips, etc.).
Here's what we usually need from you:
  • Complete written content, or updated content from your old website
  • Hi-res version of your logo (any vector format such as .eps or .ai preferred)
  • Hi-res product and service images (can be shared via cloud file-sharing services such as Dropbox or Google Drive)
  • Team members' profile photos (if applicable)
  • Video clips for your homepage video (for Mini Pack and Basic pack)

Here's what we offer that might help you:
  • We believe that business owners can produce the best written content for their own businesses, but we do offer copywriting services
  • If you don't have a logo yet, we offer logo design services
  • If you have a logo but can't find the hi-res version, we offer logo remastering services
  • We can shoot professional photos and videos for you (included in Deluxe Pack and Ultimate Pack)

Development Phase

This is when all the magic happens. Our team will construct your website based on all the materials we produced and gathered. All you need to do is sit back and look forward to hearing from us. This phase typically takes two to four weeks to complete. We offer expedited service if you're in a rush to launch.
Things we do during this phase:
  • Setup a temporary working environment for the website's construction
  • Download licensed stock images from Shutterstock as required — we'll never illegally download unlicensed images to use on your website
  • Clean-up, edit, and web-optimize all images, photos, icons, and logos
  • Edit and implement homepage video
  • Create and implement Google Analytics tracking code
  • Setup SEO and/or SEM
  • Put everything together and complete your website's first draft

Upon first website draft submission, we'll wait for your feedback and implement all the changes you want, to the best of our abilities and within the scope of our project contract. When you're absolutely satisfied with the website, we'll do some final touch-ups for your website, link it to your domain, and celebrate with you the launch of your new website!

Post-Development Phase

Together with you project completion invoice we'll include the first monthly plan invoice, determined by the monthly plan (Managed Hosting, Managed SEO, Managed SEM) you chose during the Project Initiation & Launch phase. This phase also begins the free limited support period. Our SEO and SEM management services are both also initiated during this phase.
What happens here on out:
  • During the free limited support period, you may request content and image changes/updates to existing materials for no additional charge. We will also fix any potential bugs during this period for free. However, major structure changes or content update (e.g. adding a new page) may incur additional charges
  • We will monitor and frequently update your SEO and/or SEM to ensure maximum performance. We do not offer custom monthly reports at this time, but your project manager(s) may appoint anybody in your company/organization to view the Google Admin dashboard that has built-in reporting functions
  • If you host your website with us, we will keep your website and plugins up-to-date to avoid potential errors and compatibility issues
  • In case anything goes terribly wrong, we do website backup and recovery as well