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    There is nothing cookie-cutter about our Website Development services. In order to create the customized website that meets your business needs and fits your personal preferences, we will need all the information we can get. Some of the questions may not pertain directly to website design, but that's exactly what sets us apart: we study and analyze your needs above and beyond just building a website, and we apply strategic planning to ensure that you receive maximum value from this project. Please take the time to complete the form below in as much detail as you can — the more we have, the better we can serve you. In a rush? Complete our Express Website Quote instead.

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    1 What type of website are you looking for? (check one)
    Personal/PortfolioSingle Product FeatureStartupCorporate - SMECorporate - Largee-Commerce - Retaile-Commerce - WholesaleReligious or Non-ProfitsOthers

    2 What is your industry?
    3 What is the name of your company/organization?
    4 What does your company/organization do?
    5 Who are your clients?
    6 Where do you offer your products and/or services?
    7 What will be the main function(s) of your website? (check all that apply)
    Shopping Cart (e-Commerce)MarketingBloggingQuotingCRMOthers

    8 How do you currently obtain new businesses/clients? (if applicable)
    9 What other marketing activities do you currently have active? (if applicable)
    10 What website features would you really like to see? (optional)
    11 Do you currently have written and/or statistical content?

    11b Please choose one:
    I will be developing my own contentI would like a quote for content development (copywriting, editing, etc.)

    12 Please copy and paste at least two website URLs that you like:

    12b Why do you like those websites?

    13 Do you have a logo?
    If yes, please attach your logo. (max file size: 4MB, .jpg .jpeg .png only)

    If no, please choose one:
    I have someone working on itI would like to inquire regarding your logo design services
    14 Do you have a brochure/flyer?
    If yes, please attach your primary brochure/flyer. (max file size: 12MB, .pdf .jpg .jpeg .png only)

    If no, please choose one:
    I have someone working on itI would like to inquire regarding marketing collateral design services
    I need: (check all that apply)
    BrochuresFlyersBusiness CardsProduct CatalogPostcardsExhibition Backdrops & DisplaysOthers

    15 Are you on social media?
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    16 Please list any other information that might be useful
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